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Fairly Roasted

Last week, many readers in the U.S. might have enjoyed some quality family time during Thanksgiving. I appreciate the holiday as a time of reflection and gratitude. I love the spirit of Thanksgiving, even if I don’t love the rampant consumerism that follows. As you might know from reading this blog, I’m trying to become… Read More Fairly Roasted

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Steeped in Sustainability

  For me, there are very few situations in life that can’t be improved with a cup of tea. Whether it’s a challenging day at work or a casual get-together with friends – a perfect “cuppa” makes almost anything just a little bit better. That said, my choice of teas has changed dramatically over the years. While I was once… Read More Steeped in Sustainability

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Tasting the Rainforest

What would you say if you could bite into a deliciously smooth bar of chocolate and taste the rich flavors of the rainforest? More than that, what if each bar of chocolate you ate actually helped to save the rainforest? Harper Macaw’s chocolate bars allow you to do just that. The chocolate company, which was… Read More Tasting the Rainforest