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Framing the Issue

So far on the blog, we’ve talked a lot about “hybrid” businesses (such as social enterprises) that address poverty in their own way. Some of these businesses give a portion of their profits to impoverished communities overseas, while others are fully embedded in those communities in order to work with them directly. The former can… Read More Framing the Issue

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Luxury Revival

Silk is one of those materials that evokes images of opulence and luxury. Its light and airy texture feels wonderful against the skin. It can also last a lifetime (if it’s high quality). That said, silk can also have a bad reputation for being a high maintenance (hello, dry cleaning bills) and expensive fabric. Personally,… Read More Luxury Revival

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Threads of Tradition

When most people think of the fashion industry in Bangladesh, they think of sweatshops and garment factories that produce clothing for companies like Walmart, Zara, and Gap. Indeed, these companies hold the majority of the garment market in Bangladesh to meet the growing demand for merchandise produced with cheap labor. In fact, this was part… Read More Threads of Tradition

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Beyond Borders in Brooklyn

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new “Local Guide to Global Style” series! Through this series, I aim to highlight local businesses throughout the United States that live up to the principles of sustainability, conscious consumption, and making meaningful contributions to developing countries. I want to expand upon the idea that you really… Read More Beyond Borders in Brooklyn

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Transparent Fashion

The term “sustainable fashion” has become increasingly trendy recently. Many of the major retailers across Europe and the U.S., such as H&M, seem to have a “sustainable” or “ethical” line. These lines are often characterized by using labor practices that are fair to workers or materials that have a low impact on the environment. In… Read More Transparent Fashion

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Steeped in Sustainability

  For me, there are very few situations in life that can’t be improved with a cup of tea. Whether it’s a challenging day at work or a casual get-together with friends – a perfect “cuppa” makes almost anything just a little bit better. That said, my choice of teas has changed dramatically over the years. While I was once… Read More Steeped in Sustainability

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A Daughter’s Journey

Given the variety of challenges to human development, it’s hard to accept that some of them are self-imposed. Human trafficking, especially when it involves young children, poses a significant setback to any individual, family, or society. In Cambodia, a country that I’ve visited often over the last four years, human trafficking is a serious and morbid business. According… Read More A Daughter’s Journey

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A Basket of Peace

After looking at my collection of baskets, one might conclude that I have a mild obsession with them. Perhaps I do, but baskets are an important part of my home décor arsenal. They allow me to create beautiful tablescapes, hide unsightly clutter, and create artful pops of color on my walls. Though I have more baskets than… Read More A Basket of Peace

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Tasting the Rainforest

What would you say if you could bite into a deliciously smooth bar of chocolate and taste the rich flavors of the rainforest? More than that, what if each bar of chocolate you ate actually helped to save the rainforest? Harper Macaw’s chocolate bars allow you to do just that. The chocolate company, which was… Read More Tasting the Rainforest