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Fairly Roasted

Last week, many readers in the U.S. might have enjoyed some quality family time during Thanksgiving. I appreciate the holiday as a time of reflection and gratitude. I love the spirit of Thanksgiving, even if I don’t love the rampant consumerism that follows. As you might know from reading this blog, I’m trying to become… Read More Fairly Roasted


Thread to Power

This week, I’m excited to share an extra-special collaboration with GuaTela, one of my favorite social enterprises. According to founder Smita Jacob, GuaTela positions itself as a “vehicle for gifted women weavers in Guatemala to collectivize and create high quality handmade fashion accessories aimed at the global consumer.” GuaTela’s story is so compelling that I… Read More Thread to Power

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Design for Good

Do you ever associate high fashion with ethical fashion? Yeah, me neither. I typically stay away from “high fashion” designers because they aren’t always transparent about how their products are made. I can’t tell you how many designer labels I’ve come across in the local markets in Cambodia (where many of these products are made).… Read More Design for Good