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Wrapped in Warmth

As you might have gathered from my post on incorporating more silk into my everyday life, I’m really into fabrics that feel good against the skin. I travel quite a lot for work, and over the past decade, I’ve probably spent weeks of my life sitting on planes. Given all of the traveling that I… Read More Wrapped in Warmth


The Responsible Tourist

Have you ever heard the phrase “development tourism” before? If you work in the international development sector, chances are that you are far too familiar with it. A “development tourist” is someone who visits a developing country (usually for a short period of time) with the stated purpose of “helping out”, but the personal gains… Read More The Responsible Tourist

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Framing the Issue

So far on the blog, we’ve talked a lot about “hybrid” businesses (such as social enterprises) that address poverty in their own way. Some of these businesses give a portion of their profits to impoverished communities overseas, while others are fully embedded in those communities in order to work with them directly. The former can… Read More Framing the Issue

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Luxury Revival

Silk is one of those materials that evokes images of opulence and luxury. Its light and airy texture feels wonderful against the skin. It can also last a lifetime (if it’s high quality). That said, silk can also have a bad reputation for being a high maintenance (hello, dry cleaning bills) and expensive fabric. Personally,… Read More Luxury Revival