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Threads of Tradition

When most people think of the fashion industry in Bangladesh, they think of sweatshops and garment factories that produce clothing for companies like Walmart, Zara, and Gap. Indeed, these companies hold the majority of the garment market in Bangladesh to meet the growing demand for merchandise produced with cheap labor. In fact, this was part… Read More Threads of Tradition

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Beyond Borders in Brooklyn

I’m excited to announce the launch of my new “Local Guide to Global Style” series! Through this series, I aim to highlight local businesses throughout the United States that live up to the principles of sustainability, conscious consumption, and making meaningful contributions to developing countries. I want to expand upon the idea that you really… Read More Beyond Borders in Brooklyn

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Transparent Fashion

The term “sustainable fashion” has become increasingly trendy recently. Many of the major retailers across Europe and the U.S., such as H&M, seem to have a “sustainable” or “ethical” line. These lines are often characterized by using labor practices that are fair to workers or materials that have a low impact on the environment. In… Read More Transparent Fashion